Spending Money I Don’t Have

Otherwise known as window shopping on the internet.

My most favourite thing to do on the internet (well, after looking at people’s facebook pages) is to go to an online store, any online store and fill the basket with things I like.
I can literally, spend hours doing it.
And then I can just close the page without spending any money after I’ve done my shopping!
Way less embarrassing than doing it in an actual store. Trust me.

The danger with doing this however, is it opens up a whole world of things you don’t have but are convinced you need.
Like these:

Lets face it. They’re freakin’ cool. And I don’t even own ANY leggings so it’s not because I like wearing tights as pants that I want these babies. I just do. They are cute, ok?

And then there is this:

More specifically, I want the entire set. And probably in the navy and the light pink. I JUST. CAN’T. CHOOSE. They are all so cute. And Tattoodaddy and I have been talking about needing to get some crockery that we can put in the microwave because our set at the moment is a gorgeous set from the opshop that uh… sparks when it is microwaved on account of the silver gilding. I mean, I don’t know if these ARE microwavable but he doesn’t need to know that, right?

I also would like pretty much everything from corsets-au.com in the Steampunk section especially this:

I have one of their corsets and I love it. I need to wear it more, which obviously means I need more of them. and definitely a gorgeous skirt to go with it as well.

But the thing that I really, really want is this:

I was looking at a Kindle but I figure I may as well spend a little more imaginary money and buy something that I can hand over to the boy child to keep him entertained for a while.
And yes, it’s Android. I really don’t like Apple products at all since my iPhone decided whenever it was plugged into my laptop it would freeze both the laptop and the phone and make them unusable. And yes, smart ass, I did try turning it off and on again.

So there you have it. The things that I’m wanting most at the moment.
And no, I did not receive any free stuff for this. I’m just procrastinating my uni by online shopping for things.
Although, if anyone would like to send me any of these things…


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