This Helped Me Love My Kids

Yes, I am not even lying.
Having them in my bed with me, especially when they were new helped my bond with them so much better than if they were in their own room.
Well there is the beautiful closeness, their skin against yours, their finger curling around yours in their sleep, hearing their breathing, the little snuffling noises of when they awaken and wish to feed.
But I think the main reason?
I wasn’t resenting them for having to get out of bed.
I didn’t have to get up 3 times a night and put my warm feet on the cold floor and stumble to their room, half asleep and freezing.

I just rolled over and there they were. Perfect. Perfect, perfect.

I was able to hold them in my arms as they drifted off, watching their eyes roll back in their head, trying to get one last glimpse at their Mama before they fell asleep.

I did not plan on co-sleeping. I did not even know what it meant or that it was what I was doing until I started seeing it popping up as a stereotypical “hippie” thing to do.
I do not consider myself a hippie. I consider myself a mother who loves her children and did the right thing for all of us at the particular time.
My children both “weaned” themselves out of co-sleeping and by about 6 – 8 months each of them didn’t want to be in my bed with me. They were not in my bed every hour of every night, but  I loved having them in with me.

Then I see articles like this. And it makes me cringe.
There are so many sleep deprived new parents out there for whom co-sleeping can be a saviour.
And there are so many guilt ridden new parents out there who will now feel even worse when they wake up in the morning and realise they fell asleep during the 2am feed and the baby is in bed with them and I could have killed her!

There is guilt from parenting everywhere we turn. Everywhere we turn we are being told that we are not feeding them enough, too much, wrong nappies, right nappies, cloth nappies, no cream, no powder, always cream, this cream, only organic, only store bought, only home made.
It is enough to make a person crazy without the added guilt of falling asleep with their little one.

To the Australian Government – instead of scare tactics to warn about the dangers, why not educate on the SAFE PRACTICES of co-sleeping so new parents can make their own decisions safely, rationally and with the knowledge they need?


4 thoughts on “This Helped Me Love My Kids

  1. I co-sleep with Evie all the time, and I did with Ellie too when she was a baby. For all the reasons you’ve said. And it helps them to sleep, too. Sometimes Evie just won’t settle, but if I pop her on my chest in bed, she drifts right off. It’s just so nice, and so much easier.

  2. Cosleeping rocks. Not only is it totally natural (every animal does it!), it is so much easier than trying to force them into a cot. They are inside us for 9 months, listening to our hearbeat, breathing and other inside noises, does it make sense for them to sleep way over there, alone in a silent cot?
    The thing that shits me most of all about the article you linked: they assume people only cosleep out of desperation, when this is the worst time to do it. Planned cosleeping, not on a couch or a chair ffs, is safe! They quote SIDS stats of 30 sleeping accidents but don’t specify how many of these occured when the child was in a cot alone, or in a bed with an obese or intoxicated parent, or on a fluffy couch. And these are the variables that make the most difference.

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