FFS Friday – Bad Eyes

My rego is up in 3 days. FFS

I just went to the optometrist who wants to charge me $635.50 for two pairs of glasses FFS

I need those glasses FFS

Every time I go to the doctors for him to take my blood pressure, it’s always high because I stress about it FFS

I went on a plan to manage my anxiety. Last time I did that, I was too anxious to go to the meeting. FFS

Massive power bill FFS

Uni is so much more full on than I expected FFS

I have to go to Lismore for the weekend of tattoodaddy’s birthday FFS

And I have to take all my food because we’re on campus and nothing is open on the weekend but we’re not allowed to leave campus to get our food. FFS

And I will be leaving first thing Saturday morning. FFS

I just don’t want to go. FFS

Dexter is sick. I have had to pick him up twice this week from daycare for temps of 39+ FFS

My main problem with this is I have also taken him to the doctors twice who have told me there is nothing wrong. FFS

I finally saw our usual doctor today who gave him a script. Third time lucky I guess. FFS

My doctor wants to take my blood. FFS

I am tired. FFS

I just want a break from it all. I just want to go out and not care. I just want to have the money to go out and not care. FFS

Dear Baby G


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