Back On The (Job) Market

Well, I’m looking for a job.
It is nerve wracking beyond what I expected. It is hard to write all of who I am and what I know on one page, plus a one page cover letter.
I realise everyone looking for a job is in this position but I forgot.
I’ve actually never used my resume or had an interview with more propose than to confirm I have the position.
I have always been evidence that it’s not what you know it’s who you know is true.
And now, here I am. Branching out by myself. Applying for jobs, by myself.
It feels so grownup.

The reason for looking for a job feels even more grown up; tattoodaddy wants to build a house. Wants us to build a house.
Which I’ll admit is an intimidating idea, but I’m definitely tired of not doing things because I’m intimidated or scared.
So we’ll see how it turns out. Either way, it would be nice to have a full time job.
Feel like I’m contributing to society.
In my town especially, young mothers who stay at home are judged as wanting to milk the government for everything they can.
Indeed, even though I am studying, I called centrelink about a question on the start up scholarship and was told very rudely by the last on the other end of the phone “we can’t pay for everything you know… Have you thought about getting a job?”
I’m sick of dealing with people like this.
Sick of feeling like I’m a second class citizen because I don’t have an occupation that pays.
So hopefully, I’ll find a full time job.
And I’ll continue studying part time.


5 thoughts on “Back On The (Job) Market

  1. Awh Jess! I swear we’re on the same page! As for centrewank how I hate them! Daryns got an interview next week to go to the mines and honestly I’m on the verge of a breakdown

    Money really is the root of all evil
    Hope you have good luck on the job search!
    B x

    • Normally, I have no problem with them! I’ve always had lovely, helpful people and I’m grateful for the assistance, but this woman acted like I was just there for the ride and upset me so much!

      Good luck for Daryn’s interview!

  2. Its sad that society makes us feel like that. I went to work with all of you and got judged for being a ‘bad’ mother. Either way you can’t win. You just do what’s right for you and your family….but I did enjoy being able to go to the toilet in peace and getting to have a hot cuppa.

  3. How bloody rude?!
    Good on you, do what you want and what you feel is best for you and your family! Screw what anyone else thinks, and anyone who judges without walking in your shoes is not worth your time!

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