Sort of Lying

I hate sort of lying.
But I do it when it’s needed.
Which is more often than you realise, when you think about it.

Today, I told a sort of lie to my landlord.
She asked us if we were planning on staying after our lease ended.
I said “We’re not sure yet.”
I was lying. We constantly talk about how we can’t wait for the lease to come up.
Not for the fault of the owner – she is very attentive to our requests.
Not for the fact that we have had 4 inspections in the time we have been here (Less than a year.)

It’s the fucking neighbours.
Seriously. Those who’ve been here before may remember THIS entry on rules of living in an apartment block and using my neighbours as examples of what not to do.

DO you know what’s going on at the moment?
(We’re on the ground floor)
1st floor got a new lounge. Old lounge lived in the carport for a month.
Most of old lounge is now living in the park across the road, but obviously they were a little attached to a couple of the cushions because these are still in the carport.
1st floor also has a tonne of miscellaneous shit in said carport, which houses cockroaches that come visit our house when it’s cold.
We bombed with THREE cockroach bombs 2 1/2 weeks a go. They’re back.

Top floor is a pretty nice guy.
Wish I could say the same for his friends.
They are a bunch of drop kick losers for the most part – the kind that do not have jobs and are not looking for them.
The kind you regularly overhear talking about roughting the system.
The most recent incident that occurred…
Picture this:

You’re in your living room with your boyfriend, watching a movie.
You’re enjoying it and eating your icecream.
Suddenly, there are 4 big and not too bright looking guys huddled around your verandah.
Then, one of them CLIMBS ONTO THE FENCE OF YOUR VERANDAH to attempt to scale the building.
What. The. Fuck.
Seriously. And THEN (after I let them in to the stairwell because I didn’t want someone killing my veggie garden due to a case of stupiditis) they finish their visit with top floor, knock on our closed, locked door and ASKED FOR A CIGARRETTE.
What. The. Double. Fuck.

We were talking about staying here because it is a cheap place to live and will be an easy way to save.
But seriously, I want to be able to watch a movie in my own living room without 4 dumbass douchebags trying to scale my building.



3 thoughts on “Sort of Lying

  1. This makes me think of my MIL’s recent apartment. Her “neighbours” would have screaming matches at one another, people would knock on her door asking for money and cigarettes, even food! Someone kept breaking the washing machine and dryer so no one could use it and the police were a constant visitor to the guy upstairs.

    The owners of the entire building ended up hiring security, didnt help. They were too afraid to get out of their cars!

    Thankfully she moved out!

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