FFS Friday – Shoes and Glasses

Can you see that? That is my ONE pair of shoes by the door, verus Tattoodaddy’s THREE pairs of shoes, just casually strewn where ever he literally walks out of them FFS

Lola has nappy rash thanks to teething. But not normal nappy rash. It is horrible, horrible nappy rash, completely with blistering thanks to molars. I feel so bad for the poor poppet but there isn’t much I can do apart from lathering her in canesten and sudocrem – FFS

Tattoodaddy and I are officially back together which is wonderful. But my problem is, do we keep the old anniversary date or do we have a new one because of the 5 months we were “together” but we lived together and slept together and all those things couples do? FFS

It’s Tattoodaddy’s birthday this weekend. It is also the weekend I am required to be in Lismore for a Uni residential. FFS

Going away means I have to clean out my car FFS

I bought him a present but I was excited about it because I thought it was cool, so I gave it to him early. I might get him some coffee mugs. FFS

I got glasses. Did you know when you have glasses and you drink a hot coffee, they fog up? Not that There is much drinking of HOT coffees here anyway... FFS

During the school holidays, the local shopping centre had a build-a-bear activity and the bears were $5 each. I decided what the hell, and got the kids one each. As you can see from above, Lola has fallen deeply in love hers and carries him everywhere. I’m not sure how much longer a $5 bear will last. FFS

My cat enjoys making me look like the worst mother ever, by covering my children with a mass of scratches. FFS

My uni lecturer called my movie proposal about Live Action Role Playing “cute”. He also called me Meg. I’m not sure he really read my assignment at all… FFS

2 thoughts on “FFS Friday – Shoes and Glasses

  1. Men and shoes…it’s like men and towels. Kids are exactly the same too. Drives me crazy nuts when The Feral Threesome and #1Hubby all do it. It’s like dodgying smelly and/or wet obstacles around the entire house.

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