If I Was A Stripper…

Do you ever think about what song you would dance to if you were a stripper?
I’m not going to lie.
I do.

I have it all worked out.
No joke.

My main song would be the Horrorpops version of Rebel Yell – it’s just so sexy!
She’s so deep and growly.
I originally was going to go with Marilyn Manson’s The Beautiful People but it seems so stereotypical (not that I’ve ever even been in a strip club!)

I would wear my leopard print sky high heels that I struggle to walk in, but I would miraculously be able to pole dance in them effortlessly.
I would have cute red glittery heart shaped pasties and of course the amazing rack to go with them.
I haven’t thought about what shorts I would wear because I am too busy lusting over my shoes and imagining what having boobs again would be like.


If I was a Burlesque dancer, I would definitely have 2 of the feather fans.
And some elbow length satin gloves.
The song would be Caro Emerald – The Other Woman.

I was learning pole dancing but the owner is in the middle of moving the studio.
It is amazing.
Nowhere near as tacky as I thought it would be.
I remember seeing a quote somewhere that was (from a man’s point of view) “We won as soon as women started doing pole dancing for fitness” – it may have been How I Met Your Mother
But I think we won as soon as we started doing it for fitness.
It’s amazing to feel that sexy and know what power you have over everyone.
It’s great knowing that you’re beautiful and that you can do things that amaze you.
You have a grace and a strength you never saw until you were swinging around a pole.
And it’s fucking hard.
It does take strength. And grace. And a tonne of effort to not look like you’re in pain when you’re hanging by one arm and you never realised how WEAK you were until right now but please don’t fall!

I didn’t intend on this post being a spruiking for pole dancing.
But seriously, do it.
Learning to Burlesque dance is also on my bucket list and I want to do that over the next year.
I’d love to go to a weekend workshop.
I will do at least one workshop within the next 12 months.

I started pole dancing just after tattoodaddy and I broke up. I needed something for me.
I needed to feel strong. Beautiful. Sexy. Confident.
And it worked.


2 thoughts on “If I Was A Stripper…

  1. I worked behind the bar in various Brisbane strip clubs for 4 years. (planning on blogging about it in the next couple of weeks)
    The most popular stripping song was a techno version of Alice Coopers “poision”

    I would love to do a burlesque class too (in the bucket list) There are a few places to do it here in Perth but my bank account isn’t willing right now. 😦

    I would also love to start roller derby (ignoring the fact that I can’t skate!) There is a local fresh meat sign up soon, just have to psych myself into going. Such a wuss sometimes!


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