Silent Sunday – Party Time



6 thoughts on “Silent Sunday – Party Time

  1. Oh dear darkgrievance, you’re an odd little fellow, aren’t you. What evidence do you have that innocent, adorable images of children playing encourages paedophiles?

    Kindly point me towards the research that backs up your theory. If it’s just “well I think it might, possibly” then keep your nonsensical opinions to yourself and let bloggers share their pics with their readers.

  2. Oh, and darkgrievances? Rather than just be a troll to tattoomummy, make sure you attack places like Kmart and Target – they have pictures of kids in their catalogues – sometimes they’re even wearing bathers! Which then leads me to think that probably all beaches should be closed, because a paedophile might go to one.

    Oh, and we best make schools more like prisons with huge brick walls around them, so no passing people can see children at play.

    FFS, troll!!!!

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