Disposable Children

If you noticed, I’ve recently posted a chutney recipe blog.
I have another chutney recipe coming up and a mustard pickle recipe. These will become part of my Christmas set but that is another story entirely.

Today I have a problem. And my problem is this: No one makes jam any more. Or pickles, or chutneys. It is easier and (usually) cheaper to go to the shop and buy some mass produced mostly flavourless goop because it’s there.
But people are missing out on appreciating the effort that goes into making these things.
The time it takes. The reward feeling of making something and making something WELL.
People are missing out on saying thank you and the lovely feeling of someone making something that takes time and effort and then giving it to you.

And these people are definitely our children.

I hate giving money and gift cards. It is so impersonal and it feels like you have gone to no effort at all. Receiving one feels like they have gone to no effort at all. The exception here being a wishing well for a wedding where the couple are already set up or other events of this nature such as a farewell party for travelling – in my opinion.
But we do it because it’s easier.
Not any more.
This Christmas, I am asking all the people around me who will buy my children presents to not buy them plastic. It is just so disposable. It breaks and it can’t be fixed. We would love wooden toys here. Or cute hand made ones like Henny Penny from Cat Says Meow. Or some gorgeous soaps from The Soapy Goat (who’s competition winner did not come forward so I will have another winner at the end of this blog!). An amazing handmade quilt from Aisling Milis. Instead of buying 2 outfits from Target or Big W go to the markets and buy one amazing one from a local mama who is passionate about what she does.

Make something yourself.
Make jam. Make chutney. Make pickles.
Make a scrapbook filled with memories and photos.
Make a mosaic mirror.
Make a leaf painting.
It doesn’t matter what you make. What matters is that you make.

Recently a toy Dexter owns broke. He said to me “We put it in the bin and go get a new one from the shops”. This scared me.
I want him to appreciate what he has. I don’t want him to have the disposable mentality.
And I’m going to make jams with him until he understands what I mean.


This means that Jessica is the winner with:

I would use the $30 to try on my 7 week old as i think she has allergies to certain things that come in contact with her skin, at the moment i am using QV oil in the bath but would love to try a goats milk soap on her skin


Please email myself or Sam from The Soapy Goat on facebook to claim your prize!


4 thoughts on “Disposable Children

  1. I make jam and pickles and quilts and clothes! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love getting handmade things too, The thought that someone puts in when making something means more to me than the cost of the gift.

    You are right though, We are far too disposable these days. That’s why all of Lucy’s plastic toys are second hand. actually looking around to room now, her only new toys are ones that were birthday gifts!
    The amount of money that people spend on toys that only interest the kids for a few months is astounding.

  2. I’m on maternity leave and my hubby has recently returned to full time study. This year we simply can’t afford to buy everyone gifts that, quite frankly, will likely either not be used or not be appreciated. We have decided to make and bake our gifts this year as well. A couple of days ago I made my first batch of marmalade. Hmmm. After scraping together the last morsels of sugar in the house (even straining the last cup to get rid of the ants!?!) I put the orangey syrupy goodness on the stove for the required 30 minutes. And then another 30 minutes. And then a bit longer! It just wouldn’t get to point of set… And then I realised that you actually need peel in marmalade to make it set. Turns out I’m not as clever as I thought and there’s a reason why you can’t buy peel free marmalade! It’s lucky there’s still a few months til Christmas!!

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