I Know I’m a Good Mother, But…


I’m the kind of mother you see in the jumping castle with her children, being rough and tumble.
If I am in there with them, I will (safely) bump them over. I will bounce them against the walls.s I will maybe make a big show to whichever child I have picked up of lifting them high and dropping them down.
I am never unsafe.
I always supports heads and backs.

I’m the kind of mother that even though I’m aware the risks of people who could be watching, I’ll allow a spontaneous swimming trip at the beach, usually in undies for Dex and a cloth nappy cover for Lola, but sometimes I’ll let them be naked because I believe children should feel the sun on their skin.

I’m the kind of mother who lets her kids take their shoes off at the park. Because yes, something terrible could happen. They could stand on a needle. They could step on some glass and cut their foot open. They could step on a bee and get stung and go into anaphylactic shock. A million things could happen. I choose to believe they won’t and let my children get grubby feet and feel the grass between their toes.

I’m the kind of mother who will dress her children up in nice clothes and then let them play in the dirt. Or with paint. Or glue. (Not scissors – I learned that lesson). What are clothes for, if not to make dirty and put holes in?

I’m the kind of mother who says “Up you pop, you’ll be right!” when one of my children fall over. If they aren’t going to be, I can tell by the cry and then I will sort it out. I’m not brushing off the fact that they fell over, I’m teaching them that it’s ok to fall as long as you get up again. If they need some support doing whatever activity it was when they fell, then I’ll go and stand there and tell them they can do it until they believe me.

I’m the kind of mother you see that the top of the climbing rope web with her two year old because he was scared so I climbed up there with him to show him 1. it was possible and 2. age does not matter.

I know I’m a good mother, but sometimes I question myself.
Most times I get a laugh and a “you’re braver than I am!”

But sometimes I get “If that was either of my children…”
And that sucks. Because I never force my children to do anything they don’t want to do.
I always support them. They are always happy and laughing whenever we are doing any of these activities and usually happy and laughing when I hear this sentence.
I don’t understand the sentiment.
What? If they were your children you wouldn’t do everything in their power to create a memorable childhood for them? One they remember getting stuck up the top of the playground but it’s ok because Mummy was stuck too?
I want my children to know they should run as fast and they can.
Jump as high as they can.
Use as much colour as they can.
Laugh as loud as they can.

I might not be completely (or at all) by the books in my parenting style.
I am a passionate mother and it comes across in all that I do. Even when I get cranky. This mothering business is the toughest “job” I’ve ever had to do. There is no training. It does not matter how many nappies you’ve changed or how many children you’ve babysat.
When you’re alone in the middle of the night with a screaming newborn, nothing else matters except what you think you should do and what is right for you to do for your child.

And that is how I parent.
And you know what?
My son (almost 3) was told he could have two toy cars the other day and to go ahead and choose them. He said “I’ll have this one and I’ll get the racing car one for Lola.”
So I thin I’m doing a pretty great job.

I am in no way a perfect mother.
But I am the perfect mother for my children and that’s the most important thing to remember.



8 thoughts on “I Know I’m a Good Mother, But…

  1. you are an awesome mother and perfect for my grandchildren……..just keep on going as they are the happiest and most loved and cherished kids I know.

  2. Ultimately, I think, you’ve got to realise that everybody is different. We all parent differently, and feel different things to be ‘right’ for children. I think it’s rude of people to interfere with your style when there is clearly no problem or no danger; just rise above it, brush it off. Let their kids have no fun. 😛

    • It doesn’t get to me very often but sometimes it hard, especially when you hear it from friends.
      It was more to highlight the fact that even if it is said in a joking way it still has the power to make one question what they are doing 🙂

  3. Great post. Who cares what others think? In my experience, the ones casting the most parental judgements aren’t worth the trouble. Having thought about parenting styles and what you want you kids to be is a lot more than some kids get, and your efforts are obviously speaking for themselves 🙂

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