Party Week – Lolly Bags

So Dex wanted a Lightning McQueen party and I went to all the effort of finding some party packs in the Aldi clearance bins that were conveniently, Cars themed.

I hate when my kids realise there are lollies in their lolly bag come home with lolly bags full of rubbish.
I also don’t like the idea of 20 children running around with those blower things making tonnes of awful noise (i know right now you are wondering why I an even throwing a party. It’s ok, I’m wondering it too.)
So my solution of course is to throw it in the lolly bag.



I didn’t want to be completely stingy so we have a lolly bracelet in there. The party blower which is also cars themed, a balloon and a car. I figure it’s a Cars party. Dex would be so happy to get a car at a party do everyone else should be too.
There will be cupcakes and a cake that is amazing in my head, to come in this party week!


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