No Friggen Lightning McQueen Cupcakes!

I give up.
Not because they are overly hard.
To be fair, I haven’t even tried to make them yet.
I just honestly can not be bothered.

My friend said “kids will be happy with a cake and some coloured icing” and that’s what they are getting.
He won’t care.
I’ve made cupcakes in icecream cones and there will be icing on top to make them look like icecreams.
There is a mudcake that is going to have so much chocolate on it I am going to offer Nanna and Grandad they can have birthday boy for the night if they want.

I currently have a grizzly 16 month old with a temperature literally draped over my knees.
I know Dex won’t mind not having Lightning McQueen cupcakes because this week I have threatened him with “If you don’t go to bed, I will not be making Lightning cupcakes” and he has firmly told me he doesn’t want them, he wants a smartie cake.
Ungrateful child.

So here we are.
I had all the best intentions of making a frigging amazing birthday party for you.
And you know what? It still will be.
He’ll have his friends and his family.
This is the first party HE has chosen who to invite and that’s a really big deal to me.
It makes me feel a little teary and that my baby boy is indeed growing up.

I still need to wrap the presents…
He won’t notice that it’s Christmas paper, right?


One thought on “No Friggen Lightning McQueen Cupcakes!

  1. He will love it!! I had some little cars icing lollies that would have gone nicely on your cupcakes – or if you go shopping, check out the cake decorating isle – or spotlight. I am soooo disappointed we can’t make it. I even thought of ditching Maddie with her father (bad mum or what?) Have a great time & I will catch up soon. Mmmmmwwaaahh xxx

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