This Is Ted

Meet Ted.


Teddy is a bear I bought for Lola at a school holiday stall in the Plaza. Teddy was $5. I thought he was cute and it would be sweet to get the children one each.
I did not expect Ted to be loved the way he is.

You can already tell Teddy is well loved. His fur is raggedy in spots where it has been pulled at and ran through tired little fingers to comfort one off to sleep.
You can see that Teddy’s mouth is coming off from being played with, made to smile and move.
You can’t see, but I will tell you, there is a hole in the back of Teddy’s neck from where he is carried around in a constant headlock – rarely out of reach of my little one’s grasp.
Teddy has been lost once, left in KMart. He was missing for a week. The smile that lit up Lola’s face when she saw we had Ted back was heartbreaking.
Teddy was filthy recently. He was grubby from general sticky fingers,shopping trips, sandpits and also being vomited on.
I was ready to throw Teddy out. Pat decided to wash him first to see how he came up.

Teddy was sitting in the laundry and Lola saw him.
He hadn’t been washed yet.
Having to drag her away, was horrible.

And then I remembered a Teddy I had. His name was Goldy. He was fluro yellow with pink feet. I remember he got a hole in his neck. And then he was gone. I loved him. And I missed him terribly.
And then I couldn’t get rid of Teddy.
He is just too loved. I can picture tea parties. Cuts and grazes healed with a snuggle. Lola drifting off to sleep with Teddy tucked under her arm. Matching bandaids.
Teddy is her first best friend. I will stitch him up and I will give him back to her better than new.

Teddy was the best $5 I ever spent, I think.


21 thoughts on “This Is Ted

  1. This is so cute. I still have my little bunny rabbit that I got when I was only one or something, my sister has her glow worm, my brother has his duck and my mum has a doll called Lucy.
    It’s amazing how one can get so attached to something and how it can bring so much happiness into someone’s life 🙂

  2. My sister a $5 bear from a 7 Eleven the day my daughter was born. Two and a half years later “Teddy” has beaten off all challengers including Jemima, Iggle Piggle, expensive teddy replacements and a cuddly kiwi. We are nearly at the point where we need to take life insurance out on him.

  3. I had a teddy too, his name was Ted. I still have him, packed safe and sound with a few other cherished childhood things that my mum lovingly collected for me. I remember leaving him at school once, after the school fete and the teddy bear competition I had entered him in and being beside myself. My mum had to ring Nana and get her to talk to me to calm me down and she told me that Ted would be having a great time at his slumber party with all the other teddy bears from the competition. Even now when I look at him I get this sense of calm, happy safeness.

  4. So sweet – my daughter has a blanket my mother knitted for her – she is 7 1/2 and still uses it to relax and fall asleep and it has hole upon hole from pulling it – looks a disaster, but i refused to let my mother replace it – i explained that the holes she made are the signs of how much comfort she got and how much she loves it.
    Deb @ home life simplified

      • We have a small brown bear that my niece thrust upon me xmas 93. I tried to give it back but she would not take it. That little bear still sits amounst the hair brushes and deoderant cans of my first born, a child I thought I would never have. A child that was concieved after I was given a little brown bear by my niece, Tattoomummy

  5. ohh we have a Teddy.. he was gorgeous new.. he is now raggedy and very much loved.. we haven’t been able to find teddy’s twin… and we have stitched him up several times.. teddy will not be replaced.. teddy is a much loved teddy.

    • I’ve hd someone say to me “Oh you’ll have to get another just in case! But I doubt I’ll be able too, because it was a school holiday promo thing AND I’m sure she’d be able to tell

  6. I still have my teddy also named Teddy who I got when I was born from my uncle, He still sits next to my bed and watches me sleep.. 23 years later 🙂

  7. I remember shamefully bringing a stuffed dog to a teddy bears picnic at playgroup! There I was with this toy dog, singing ‘Teddy bear, teddy bear, turn around’ and ‘today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic’! That’s when I realised I needed to purchase a real bear!!! And the boys love their teddy bears, just like your children love theirs x

  8. Oh you can’t get rid of him!
    My little one has a blanket that she carts around and loves. When I have to wash it, you would think a family member had died, she is so traumatised by it!!

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