Making an Awesome Cake Easily. A.K.A. How to Impress Your 3 Year Old

This is the instructions for the cake that I made for Dex’s birthday party. Everyone was pretty impressed with it and I was pretty proud of it.

2x mud cake packet mixes
1 x bucket of m&ms
250g milk choc melts
1/2 cup double thick cream
2 x packet kitkat (or imitation kitkats – no one notices the difference)
An afternoon of your life.


So first you need to make two packet mix mud cakes.
I used the ones from Aldi because I did not want to spend a tonne of money on a cake meant for three year olds and those packet mixes were only $4 each.

Once the cakes are cooled, make some ganache:
Which was 250g milk choc melts and half a cup of the double cream. Heat them both up and mix it until they are combined.
You are then meant to wait until it hardens/refrigerate until it sets, which I recommend you do, because if you don’t you end up pinning your cakes together with skewers because they are sliding off each other.

So when your ganache has set/ hardened a little, layer some on the top of one cake. Set the second cake on this.

Then, with the remaining Ganache, get 2 bags of fun sized kitkats – again I used the Aldi version – and use the Ganache like glue to stick them around the outside of the cakes. I put some on the bottom and some on the top so that it had optimal sticking to cake area.

I then needed to cut the top off the top cake so it sat flat and just under the height of the wanna-be kitkats so the m&ms wouldn’t look silly.

Next, we spread the remaining Ganache over this mofo to glue those m&ms in place so that when I cut it, they didn’t rain down on me like a sea of hyperactivity.



And lastly, throw handfuls of m&ms on the cake (a bucket is $10 from kMart) and gently press them down so they stick in the Ganache.
After you’ve throw the handfuls and got an even sort of coverage, go back through with individual ones and fill any gaps, because lets face it, it’s kind of funny to send children home full of chocolate.


TADA! You’re done! You should have a cake that looks just as awesome as mine. Maybe even awesomer if you put a little effort in!


Hot tip: Make sure your fridge door remains shut so your cake doesn’t get cold, then warm, then cold again because those fucking m&ms will go whitish as chocolate does when it has temp changes and you have glued then on with that goddamn Ganache and you only realise the morning of the party, by which time you cannot be fucked to care because you are over the whole thing and you just dump the rest of the bucket of m&ms on there.

ALSO don’t listen to your sister when she tells you she can eat one kitkat because she’s calculated it and you have one left over. You WILL be one short.


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