Thankful Thursday – We’re MOVING!


Anyone who’s been following along would know some of the exploits of my neighbours such as these and these.

But it is ok, we are moving.
To a beautiful little house in the suburbs.
With three bedrooms, a bath and a backyard.
In a cul-de-sac with families.

We will be able to have a trampoline.
And a little blowup pool.
Friends around to play safely in the backyard.
A vegetable garden.
A proper loungeroom and a separate place for a dining table.
Being able to actually FIT a dining table in our house.


And our broccoli that I have grown from seed have just started broccoli-ing.
Life is good.

8 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday – We’re MOVING!

  1. Enjoy! It’ll be great once all the packing, moving, unpacking hassle is over.
    We have a little 3×1 with a huge yard and bushland across the street in a little country town and I love it. And it’s cheap, too!

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