How Do You Do ANYTHING With Children?

Yesterday, I posted this on my blog facebook page.
If I start today (which I am) 12 weeks puts me at 3rd of December. I don’t think that it is unreasonable for me to eat healthy and live healthy for 12 weeks.
BUT hopefully, treating it as an insignificant number and for only 12 weeks will help me create routines that once the 12 weeks is over, my body and my brain will expect to do that. If I actively make the better choice, take the better option for the next 12 weeks, I don’t doubt that it will happen habitually after the time is up.

My only problem? My children don’t seem to think I can do it.
Or rather need to do it.
More specifically, need the sleep to do it.
Dexter has just turned 3. Lola is almost 17 months.
Between the two, I’m lucky if I get a newborn’s night sleep.

Last night, I went to bed at 10pm which I’ll admit, is early for me. I was up at midnight for half an hour with both Dexter and Lola. Then I was up from 3:30am – 5am with Dexter who decided he just didn’t want to sleep in his own bed and threw a tantrum, waking Lola up. He fell asleep soon after she woke up, but she just would not go back to sleep. She was laying on my chest, nodding off and as soon as I went to put her in her cot, she’d start crying. I actually climbed in to bed, crying and said to TD: You have to go get her. If I have to go in there again, I’m going to flip. I just want a whole fucking night’s sleep!

So therein lies my problem.
And I KNOW there are mothers with newborns cranking it up at the gym. But they are not me.
I can eat as clean as I can and I can pin as many motivational posters as I can on my pintrest, but the reality is, it will be hard. I don’t function well on no sleep.

And I know that – ironically – exercising makes you feel less tired. And only two excercise sessions a week are needed to almost remove the symptoms of anxiety in most women. And I want that. I don’t want to stress out about everything. I want to enjoy my life.
I remember as a child running until I had that burning feeling in my throat and my heart pounding in my chest – and loving it. I want to love that feeling again.

I plan to be completely honest with you all. If I cheat, I will tell you.
My brain was obviously ready to do this before I thought it was. Last night I went to the shops and picked up sugar free lollies instead of a block of chocolate. BEFORE I had even decided to do this.

Come on body, a little less wobble!

Join me over on my facebook page to follow along. If you blog about it, be sure to share the link with me. I’d love for us to all do this together



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