Monday Measure Up

Last week, I posted about promising myself 12 weeks minimum at the gym.
Apparently, it takes 4 weeks for you to notice your changes, another 4 weeks for your friends to notice and 4 weeks after that for the general population to notice.
And so, I promised myself 12 weeks.
I invited you to share the journey with me, and to help share that journey I thought I would do a Monday measure up.
I realise I should have taken measurements at the very start, but as they say, hindsight is a wonderful thing. So After week one, these are my measurements.

Please LET IT BE CLEAR I do not think I’m fat. I am not really trying to lose weight. I do expect that I will lose a couple of kilos on my journey, but if I don’t I do not mind.

My goals are this

  • fitness – my doctor has mentioned the possibility of excercise lowering my blood pressure enough to get off medication. I would love to be able to be off my medication
  • I want toned, defined arms
  • I want toned, defined abs
  • I want toned, defined thighs
  • I want my thighs to not touch in the middle

I don’t think these are unreasonable goals and I think at least some results are very achievable in 12 weeks. I expect by the 12 weeks being up, I will be in habits that will continue my journey on after that initial time is up.


  • Weight – 61kg
  • Chest – 85cm
  • Arms – 27cm
  • Upper waist – 74 cm
  • Waist – 66cm
  • Hips – 101cm
  • Legs – 61cm

Is anyone interested in a link up to track their goals and achievements as well?


4 thoughts on “Monday Measure Up

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