But I Want to Sleep Too…

So last night tattoodaddy went to the midnight launch of Borderlands 2.
He preordered the loot chest and ohmygod must have it right this very second! (I do have to admit, it IS pretty cool)

He got home, I was already in bed.
He started “stuff”
(He later claimed that he was just trying to give me a kiss goodnight and I latched on like a succubus, but he is lying)

So, we are fooling around, naked, but not “doing the deed” yet.
All of a sudden, the door opens.
We both freak out, jump under the covers and I’m pretty sure tattoodaddy said “FUCK!”
Dex is standing in the doorway, rubbing his eyes.
He walks over to my side of the bed.
I say “No sweetie, you can’t sleep in here tonight, Mummy and Daddy are sleeping naked.”
And as I turn him to lead him back to bed he says:

“But Mummy, I want to sleep naked with you and Daddy too!”
Ohhh children. They really are the best form of contraception sometimes.
Have you had any funny “interruptions”?


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