Monday Measure Up – Number Two

So last week was a pretty shit week in terms of going to the gym because I had Lola home with suspected conjunctivitis (which went away after one day, but the bottle says 5 days and I didn’t want to risk it) so she wasn’t at daycare and I don’t want to be one of those horrible parents who puts their kid in the gym creche because they’re too sick to go to daycare.
Fuck those guys.

Stats wise:
Bust stayed the same (And thank the gods for that because I don’t have anything left to lose!)
Arms gained a centimetre – WOOT! All those bicep curls are working out!
Waist – Lost a centimeter – HUZZAH! Abs of steel incoming!
Hips – Lost a centimeter – I guess in building my bum muscles I’ll work the fat away and muscle will come through so a loss is ok?
Thighs – One lost 1cm and one lost 2.5cm Which is strange considering I do the same excersises with both of them?

So I guess overall, I’m pretty happy with that.
This week was a terrible week food wise. Because I wasn’t going to the gym, I didn’t have that little voice saying “But you’ve just done all that work…” So I indulged a little more than I should have but all’s well that ends well.
I missed it though and I definitely noticed that my anxiety decided to rear it’s ugly head when I hadn’t gone to the gym and that is something I don’t need so I’ll be making sure I go more often than not.

In saying that though, I don’t know how it will go this week because *drumroll* IT’S MOVING WEEK!
We are finally getting out of this place and into a shiny clean house in the suburbs.
With families around.  And a BACKYARD!

How did you go this week with your measure up?




Click HERE for Measure Up One


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