Choosing Not To Fear

For the most part, I’m an optimist.

I mean, there is always the anxiety part of me that says “OHMIGOD I have a headache what if it’s cancer and I’m going to die and not see my children grow up and imagine all the things I’m going to miss out on wahhhhh.”
But usually, the optimist part of me can control that.
Rationalise with it.
Tell my anxiety that even in the unlikely chance this happened, I am lucky for all that I have had so far.
I like seeing the good. There is no point focusing on the bad.
Bad thoughts just breed bad deeds and bad things come to those who only think about bad things.
Something about manifestation bitches.
Which brings me to my next point:

I post pictures of my children on the internet.
And I’m ok with that.
My children are always fully clothes. Never in compromising positions.
My children are awesome.
And I think the world deserves to know them.
Yes, I do know there are “bad” people out there.
But I choose not to think about it further than being aware of the photos I put up.
If I believe that every day is another day some sexual predator is coming to my blog just to look at my children, what kind of a place would my world become?
If I believed every view was a potential danger to my beautiful children, that the internet is to be feared and avoided at all costs, why would I even be here?
What are terrible place the world must be for people like that.
How are you able to see the wonder if you’re only looking to see what lurks in the shadows?
How can you live in a world so full of fear and hate and anger?
I choose to post pictures of my children on my blog.
I choose to believe in good intentions.
I choose to live in the sunlight.
Try it.

One thought on “Choosing Not To Fear

  1. Thanks for this post – its good to hear a voice of reason and optimism on the topic. I put photos of my baby on the net too, and like you am selective about them. The simple, non-sordid pleasure friends and family get from them is worth it. Though I do limit what I put on Facebook because I feel bad for friends suffering conception problems and miscarriage, and to be honest I also get tired of people posting about their kids seemingly every 15 seconds. But I let loose on twitter; it operates a bit differently and I put a LOT on there 🙂
    Love seeing pics of your gorgeous children. Keep them coming!

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