And to add to the crazy…

So, in case you’ve missed me of late.
I’ve moved house and I’m having some health issues. Which sucks. But will hopefully be nothing serious.

If that wasn’t enough, I have some exciting news…
I’m opening a business!

I don’t want to give away all the details but basically what I’m making is a Nerd Haven.
It will be amazing.
Basically a place you can buy a graphic novel and a great up of coffee, sit down, read and not have anyone look at you strangely.
A place you can buy trading cards and do booster drafts and meet others to play with.

A place you can advertise for members for a new D’n’D Campaign. A place you can PLAY your new D’n’D campaign.
A place to hang out with people who know what you’re talking about.

A place for you to belong.

It actually makes me a little bit teary thinking about it all coming into fruition. Not the money, I don’t expect to make tonnes of money. I’d like to live comfortably and that’s enough.
But the thing that makes me teary, makes me excited is giving something to the people who feel like they have nothing. Who feel like they are outsiders.
Giving those teenagers a place they feel safe.
Giving those parents a place to have a coffee and welcoming the child too.

Having somewhere I will love to be every day. And to know others love being there too.

I can’t wait.


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