Weighing in on Lance Armstrong

I read yesterday that Lance has had his 7 Tour de France titles stripped.There are people and charities after him for money back that they have donated to his charity Livestrong.

None of this sits right with me.

There is no definitive PROOF that he has doped.
All there is, are 10 eye witness accounts  – all from people who have proven records of doping, all being paid for with immunity in their own doping charges.
He has consistently maintained his innocence.
He has raised half a billion dollars for cancer research.
He has inspired millions of people to fight. To not give up. To beat the odds.

And they are stripping him of all his achievements on the testimony of people who only have everything to gain from him being found guilty.

Another interesting point – if they’re ALL doing it, and assuming he is guilty – he’s still the best one out there because he managed to beat those proven to be doping. It’s still an even playing field.

I don’t feel comfortable that he’s having his whole life taken away from him.
It feels to me like the police could come to me and say “You’re being arrested on grounds of possession. We caught Joe with drugs and he said they’re yours. He’s not getting charged with anything because he’s told us they’re yours so if he testifies against you, he gets off the hook.”
Of COURSE Joe is going to lie. There’s nothing to lose for him.

It is all just a little bit suss.


One thought on “Weighing in on Lance Armstrong

  1. Totally agree with you!
    While I nothing pretty much nothing about the drugs used in sports, I have always wondered if his cancer treatments have ‘clashed’ with the drug testing? I dunno.

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