I’m Opening a Comic Book Shop

So, I’m opening a comic book shop.

There will be other things of course.
Graphic novels, nerdy clothing, dice (amazing and cool dice!), merchandise, coffee, drinks…

But comic books are really important to me and important for the sake of my children.

1. because I always dreamed of owning my own cafe that sold art and books – and now I’m in the process of bringing this dream to life


2. To give my children someone to believe in and look up to. Children need heroes. Need role models. They need to see good conquering bad. They need to know it’s good great to fight for what they believe in. They need to see that “normal” people can do extraordinary things. Lola needs to know that there are women who can absolutely kick ass and not be ashamed of it. That being a strong woman is something to strive to. And yes, I do feel all of this can be learned from comic books/graphic novels.
I feel that children these days don’t have any strong role models. There are no real heroes. Sports heroes are always in scandals – either drugs on or off the field, or drinking and doing stupid things.

There is a really important quote that I will put up on the wall in my store:

To believe in the heroic makes heroes” And that is how I’m going to raise my children.


6 thoughts on “I’m Opening a Comic Book Shop

  1. I do need to add that we do have heroes…we just don’t hear about them. They are the everyday, normal people who are fighting fires, or putting others safety before their own. They just don’t get as much media time. Good luck with your new venture, I love that it is something which is so dear to you. ps.please make great coffee.

  2. Can you order me the Within Temptation comics? I can’t find them anywhere (but I haven’t really looked too hard).
    Also I look forward to white hot chocolates and peppermint hot chocolate 🙂

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