Monday Measure Up – Of Weight and Wagons


Arms – 26cm
Bust –  83cm
Waist – 65cm
Hips – 103cm
Thighs – 59cm
Weight 62.5 kg

So with all my health problems and trying to open a Comic Book shop I have stopped doing my Monday Measure Up.
Way back in September I promised myself 12 weeks of hard work to see where I could get.

I managed four.

My heart palpitations got really bad.
but it turns out they aren’t actually palpitations.
It’s something that about 25% of people have I’m just more sensitive to it.
And anxiety makes it worse.
Being aware of them and focusing on them, makes it works.

And so here I am.
A little disappointed, to be honest.
I promised myself something and I didn’t stick to it.
My hips are bigger than the were when I made myself the promise.
I’ve put on 1.5 kg over the last 4 – 6 weeks.

I don’t FEEL good.
I feel tired. Lethargic.
Like I just can’t fucking be bothered.

And so, I’m back on said metaphorical wagon.
I made myself a promise and I promise to keep it.

Ultimately, it’s ok that I fell off, as long as I get back on.
A local radio station is having a Gym competition and I actually signed up today to be on one of the teams.

How are you going?


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