Monday Measure Up

I was going to take a photo today but I’m still in my pyjamas so….

So once again it is Monday.
I won a three month membership in the competition I was talking about last Monday Measure Up.
I was beaten on the bike race by literally 2 metres. Which tells me I need to go to the gym.

Sidenote: My legs also decided to not work for 10 minutes after the race and I felt like I was going to vomit.

So, today’s measurements are:
Bust 83cm                                                   +/-  0
Arms: 27cm                                               +/-  +1cm
Waist: 64.5cm                                           +/-  – 1.5cm
Hips: 102.5cm                                          +/-     .5cm
Thighs: L 58.5cm R 60cm                    +/-    L -1.5cm   R +1cm ??

Weight – I don’t actually own a set of scales so I can’t check it out. I usually do it when i go to my parent’s house.

With the gym I am assigned a personal trainer to make a program for me and monitor it every four weeks. It will be based on my personal goals, which are still much the same as my first Monday Measure Up but I’m also going to add to that a reduction in my blood pressure.

Life feels like a bunch of crazy at the moment. There is so much that goes in before opening a shop. And I knew it would be a lot of work, maybe I just didn’t realise exactly how much.
I’m glad I have the gym to go to again because it was a great release of tension and frustration at events/people/things in my life that were/are giving me the shits but I have no immediate control over and therefore cannot change.

I’ll also be doing more recipes that are in line with the changes I’m trying to make in my life.
and also a couple of treat recipes. Because what is life for if not to treat ourselves well 😉


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