I’m done.

My business course is finished.
I handed in the final paperwork today.
There is just the loan application to hand in tomorrow and then it’s all out of my hands.
And I’m so relieved.

I’m exhausted. Mentally, emotionally and financially.
I feel unsupported and misunderstood.
I am lacking the enthusiasm that I did have for my business.
I am wondering if it is all worth it.
Do I care about those kids I don’t know so much, do I believe they so badly need a place to belong that I’m willing to feel that I’m neglecting my children for it?
What if, by making a job out of it, I stop enjoying it?

Why would I not just find a job when I go each day and can go home. I wouldn’t have to stress about stock or taxes or ordering or any of those things.
I wouldn’t be back all hours of the night doing bookwork and all those other things that go with owning a business.

I need a break.
Which is worrying, considering I haven’t even done any work yet.

I just so exhausted.

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