Just F*cking Do It

Three days a go, I was mopey.
I was feeling sorry for myself and wasn’t feeling in a position of power in my life.

But that is where people’s lives go wrong in the first place.
They play the blame game.
They make excuses.
They hide behind those excuses, using them as justification for doing nothing, achieving nothing they want in their lives.

But really, they are just afraid to try and afraid of hard work.
Afraid of what might happen and how good it might be.
If you try and it works out amazingly, who are you going to blame?
What are you going to complain about?

It seems our society expects nothing to go right, everyone *should* have something to complain about.

If you’re not constantly struggling for a perfect body, or time management or the  ever rising housing costs, there is something wrong with you.
Well, for me – NO MORE.

I’m tired of feeling sorry for myself.
And more than that, I’m tired of potentially being a burden on my children.
My parents both have high blood pressure – and I mean REALLY high. My mum is at least medicated now, but just laughs off a lot of things she does that increase her risk of something happening e.g. eating right, arguements…
My father has just been diagnosed and his words were “I’d rather die than have a needle”. He refuses to have the blood test to work out what is wrong and get it fixed.
I love both my parents with all my heart, but I refuse to put my children in the position of constant worry. as my parents have done me.
I’m going to do something about it, while I still can.

And one of those things is going to be “Care, but don’t worry” which is a beautiful piece of advice from my sister.
She said to me “I may sound like a bitch, but I’m not worrying about them. I have too much of my own stuff going on and if we constantly worry about them and are on their backs about it, they’ll never do it for themselves. OF COURSE I care about what happens, but I need to worry about myself.”

And I’ve never heard better words of advice.
Of course I’ll still worry – it is who I am.
But on the same token, I’m going to worry a lot less about them and a lot more about myself because that’s what I need to do.
I need to get myself where I want to be, doing where I want to do.
And I’m not going to buy into this whole culture of blame.
I don’t have wobbly thighs because of a family predisposition. It’s because I sat on my butt and ate too many timtams.

And now, I’m going to undo that work.


3 thoughts on “Just F*cking Do It

  1. I fucking LOVE this post!

    If you are powerful, positive and strong within yourself, your life will mirror that.

    Have a great day beautiful woman xx

  2. Great post. Had to come to the same way of dealing with my parents. Care, ask specific questions about their health but have to leave them to make changes. I can’t do that. I have me, my health and family to work on and I’m busting my ass to do it!
    Go you. Just remember though, sometimes circumstances make the decision for us so don’t get down on yourself if that happens, sometimes we have to sit things out xxx

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