I’m Teaching My Children About Christmas

We don’t do Jesus.
We don’t do religion.
I can respect that to some people this is what Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus and the Three Wise Men and the Nativity and the Star.
But for my children, I will let them discover religion themselves when they are older.
I will answer their questions as honestly and objectively as I can and they can decide.

So for us, Christmas is about the spirit of giving.
It is about thinking of others.
Putting people before yourself.
Saying “Thank you for being the wonderful person you are and thank you for sharing your life with me this past year”.
It is about being grateful for what you have, the tangible and intangible.

I’m teaching my children that always, but especially at Christmas, we give to those less fortunate.
I’m teaching my children that something you made and put effort and love into, is more important than something you bought.
I’m teaching my children that while we might not get everything we want, we have everything we need and we should be grateful.
I’m teaching my children that family are our most important gift.

We clean out our toys in the lead up to Christmas and we give them to the “Sick children”. We either take them to the hospital or to Daycare.
They don’t get everything that want for Christmas because it’s not necessary.
We pick children from the Wishing Tree who are the same age as our two and buy them a present to show them that every little thing matters.
They help me make jams and scones.
They paint pictures for me to cut up and turn into garlands.

I love teaching them about Christmas.

What is Christmas in your house?


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