Spirituality Vs. Religion


I’m not a religious person.
I don’t mind if you are. I’m just not.
as long as you don’t use it to validate to me your homophobia with quotes from the bible, yet when I ask you if you cut your hair and wear clothes made of mixed threads you say “Oh yes, but we need to move forward.”
Don’t use religion to justify your bigotry, hatred and fear, and we’ll be fine.


I need to cleanse the house.
It feels murky.
It feels like there are spiritual cobwebs hanging in the corners.
Emotional cobwebs that run us all frazzled.
Energy cobwebs that sap all the good and leave us on edge.
It feels a little dark around the edges.

And so, there will be a cleanse.
Some White sage, some affirmations.
Putting it out into the universe what I want fo myself and my family.
If you don’t ask, you don’t receive.
And once it’s spoken out loud, you are much more likely to strive for it yourself.


4 thoughts on “Spirituality Vs. Religion

    • I totally understand what you mean, and I completely respect your devotion to religion and Him.
      It’s not personally for me, but I respect it’s for you.
      And I know that you don’t mean that as the people that use it to justify hatred. My favourite one is the condemning of gays when Jesus said both “Love thy neighbour” and “Judge not lest ye be judged”

  1. PS.. I meant that to sound as a different point of view from the people you know that are using Jesus for hatred etc. Cause thats not the Jesus I know
    anyway… you bringing your babes to the christmas party?

    • I don’t think I will make it, only because driving back on christmas eve is going to be terrible with traffic and not at all fair on the kids…
      Going to see a little closer tot he date as I’d like to see Nanna and everyone though

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