I couldn’t take a selfie that didn’t make me look horribly sick, so here’s a photo of my eye


And now I’ve inserted that into my blog post, that makes me look horrible too.
But it’s OK.
Because when you’re sick, you’re allowed to look horrible, right?

Today I had a long list of would do’s and should do’s.
And all I have done is tidy the kitchen. And I will call the insurance company because that will save me money.
But I’m sick.
In case the black rings under my eyes didn’t tell you so much.
My eyes are aching, my head hurts, my throat hurts when I swallow, my tonsils are red and swollen and I’m just so achey and tired.
It’s a day care day today and I decided that instead of running around and exhausting myself I am just going to lay down and nap to give myself a chance to heal.
And (I promise there is a point to this blog) that’s exactly what I have done. and I’ve had some interesting dreams.
And what I have learned from today’s dreams:

1) I am too ninja quick to be shot
2) I can start any automobile of choice  and pick any lock with a butter knife
3) I definitely have a viable career option of being a race car driver.

007 agent here up in my dreams. Or crazy. Whichever.

What do you dream when you’re sick?


5 thoughts on “I couldn’t take a selfie that didn’t make me look horribly sick, so here’s a photo of my eye

  1. Oh the horror of being sick whilst little ones are running around saying things like “mum can I pretend to be your puppy … right, you be the mummy dog and i’ll be the baby dog”…. ohhhhhhh please someone just get me a Ben Affleck DVD and a pint of Lemsip and take my kids anywhere else but here!
    Hope you’re feeling better soon, just discovered your blog via MelbourneMum – will enjoy reading (no this isn’t your mum).

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