2 girls; 1 trampoline

IMG_3280 IMG_3281 IMG_3282 This is my sister Maddison.
She has been the awesome helper, putterer together of stuff since this one time, when I was really pregnant with Dex and I was busting to go the the toilet and we were putting the cot/change table/EVERYTHING together and there was stuff ALL OVER THE FLOOR and I was busting to go to the toilet ans stretched really far to step over a cot side and sneezed. While my legs were separated. While I was very pregnant. And maybe wee’d a tiny bit.
And she never ever told anyone.
And I just told the entire internet.
SO that is why she is my putterer togetherer.
Because she is good at it.
And she has just added an addition to her family.
Her first addition.

Say hello to baby Brick.
Brick was wrapped in a towel and very unceremoniously used to beat the fuck out of put the trampoline together as I found out, I don’t have a rubber mallet.
And when you hit one trampoline pole with another trampoline pole makes this horrible
TANG TANG TANG noise and omg our ears were ringing.
Not to mention the dilemma of what do we do for the last pole.

And so now, the trampoline is together.
Dex wasn’t allowed to have it Boxing day (We were too lazy to put it together on Christmas Eve) because he was being an absolutely feral demanding brat thanks to copious amounts of lollies, chocolate, fizzy drinks, not enough sleep and all demands being met over Christmas.
And then we decided probably best to leave it until after New
Years as we were having friends over, and I do not want drunk 20-somethings on the trampoline.
I do not want to wait in emergency on New Years’ Eve.

And for those who are wondering, I do pelvic floor exercises.
A lot.
Didn’t happen with Lola and I can bounce on the trampoline fine.

I tested.


3 thoughts on “2 girls; 1 trampoline

  1. When we finally got our trampoline up (with much swearing) after a couple of days husband said “well we’ll have to leave the bloody thing here if we move because I’m not taking it apart again!!” umm… yeah… never thought of that!

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