Silent Sunday – Leg Day



2 thoughts on “Silent Sunday – Leg Day

  1. Just a quick note because, as a woman, a trainer, and a mom (we have our differences when it comes to how our bodies “sit” on our legs post childbirth, I would advise you to pretty much dump the leg training especially the leg extensions (known to cause major knee problems) as well as all the squats. If you want to get rid of the baby weight, stick to compound stuff with multi-muscle movements. Dont waste time on split body training. Get a female trainer (guys just don’t get it, even though we women know how to train men) and spend more time on upper strength and quick muscle response stuff that isn’t so damn boring. Then you will be loving your workouts. Some of my favourite are the cement mixer for the legs (lay on floor with ab ball between legs and lifted off floor, rotate ball like you are a cement truck) and also ball curls (in bridge with heels up on ball and pulling into butt) I love these with some light weight/zercher high rep squat drills, getting up and down and maybe some pushups in between. Anybody can do this stuff, just remember to breathe. If your tummy gives out, put legs higher up in the air (mixer angles can be challenging). I took off over 100 lbs, packed on 12 pounds of muscle in less than 3 months, and have maintained for over 10 years. That’s what I say. Let me know how that goes.

    • Hey Cindy, thanks for the input, but I have a lot of faith in my trainer. He has a degree in exercise science and hasn’t steered me wrong yet 😉
      I enjoy my workouts a lot and I’d feel a little silly ditching my leg workout when I specifically asked for one, as I don’t have any baby weight I want to lose, only legs I want to tone. I do body balance 2/3 days a week and also abs/arms/legs work all the other days but feel this is necessary for my goal physique.
      I AM interested in any articles you have that medical support that leg extensions are dangerous though!

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