The Really Important Things








I have been going to the gym a lot lately.
Pretty much every day to be honest. If I don’t do things like that every day, I find it easy to make excuses and it just falls to the wayside. If I get into the habit of going every day… Well, hopefully it sticks.

But I’ve found that I get so busy I miss the really important stuff.
It’s not really that important how many calories I burned at the gym on Saturday – not in the big scheme of things.

What is really important is the four glorious hours spent at the beach with my children when I decided “Stuff the housework” and packed our swimmers and towels (without them seeing, because the endless questions in the 20 minutes between packing/leaving and getting to our destination would have been too much) and we went to Boambee Bay.

The kids had an absolute ball.
I had an absolute ball.

And today, when it’s rainy and both kids are a little sick and a lot feral I can think about how great Saturday was.
And I can distract them with questions about what their favourite part of the day was.

It was definitely worth it.
The mess will wait.
At least if we’re not home, it won’t be added too 😉

3 thoughts on “The Really Important Things

  1. There’s way more important stuff than housework!! So true about not telling them where you’re going. Nana brought the nephews over yesterday for a swim and getting out of the car she said “I told you I had a surprise for you!” Best way for a 5yo to wake up!

  2. I have big problems doing that. I really need to as i work full time with quite a bit of overtime. And the kids grow up so quickly 🙂 My 17 yo is starting to drive. Very scary. i think i will have to take a leaf from your book and try it this weekend.

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