10 Weeks’ Time…





These photos are where I’ve gotten over the last few weeks. I’ve started to consistently go to the gym and now, I’ve signed up for a super challenge.

Please excuse the horrible, digging in underwear in the bottom photo.
Today I had my “before” photo.
I have signed up for a 10 week challenge to build a better me.

I’m more than a little scared.
Feeling maybe I’ve bitten off more than i can chew.
So far, always slightly aching from the work that I’ve done.
Sleeping heavily and wonderfully.
Wanting to push myself more, but at the same time scared to.

Because what do I do when I get there.

When I’ve reached my goals, then what?
Will I be happier? Healthier? (That’s a given I guess). More confident?
Will I feel more attractive and see myself in a new light?

Or will I just make more goals and feel that once more, I have something almost unattainable to reach.

I know I will never be a stick figure.
I don’t want to be a stick figure.
Something akin to a jaguar would be nice.
Lean, powerful, sleek. Beautiful.

Yep, I’m going to be a cat in 10 weeks.
See you there!

And I will probably blog about it a bit because it is taking up a lot of my life right now.
I’m sorry if I bore you with the details, but I promise I’ll have some wonderful clean eating recipes that will help your kids behave better!


One thought on “10 Weeks’ Time…

  1. Honey! You are super thin and sleek already! I think your entire body would fit into one of my jean legs!! Good on you for getting healthier…My experience is that, in the end, your body can look amazing but if your head and heart isnt, then the whole soul needs a ten week challenge. I left out the head and heart part several times and as a result, put the weight back on not long after losing it and fell back into old unhealthy habits. Good luck babes.. I am sure you will look and feel amazing on all levels in ten weeks. Well done xx

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