Motivate Me




Recently I had a friend ask me how I stayed so motivated.
that she had been seeing my posts of Facebook and she just didn’t know how I did it.
She asked me if I could give her any tips.

So, I was thinking about how I DO stay motivated.

Firstly, I joined a gym that costs money. Money that realistically I could use somewhere else. Somewhere it would be just as valuable and important.
I don’t want to be wasting that money.
I signed up for personal training which is more money on top of that, not to mention having someone pushing me on.
And no one wants to looks weak in front of a stranger. No one wants to let someone down.
No one wants to look like they can’t do it.
I also joined a group sport – Roller Derby, starts back tomorrow WOOO! – so if I don’t put in my best, I’m not the only one suffering.

I measure. I like to see the numbers going down, even by a tiny bit.
I enjoy cooking and clean eating is a challenging task. Finding recipes my children love is great.
I don’t like being on blood pressure medication at 25 (since I was 21) and I would like to be off it. I’m hoping that improving my fitness will assist with this.
My children behave better when they aren’t eating shit.
I don’t want to be a burden on my children when I am older. I already have blood pressure issues. Granted, they are fairly mild,. but they are there. If I continued on the path I was on, whilst not overweight or particularly unhealthy, it definitely wouldn’t get any better. My Mother has severe arthritis in her knees, her Dad had arthritis. It runs in both sides of my family, as down weight problems. I want to be healthy both for my kids and to inspire them.
IT gives me more energy to play with them.

And mostly:
I treat it as my me time.
I NEED sanity. I need some time out.
I have spent the past 4 years with a body that is not truly mine. It has been housing, nourishing, comforting, catching, carrying children for that entire time.
And whilst I do not regret any of it, nor do I avoid it now, I want me time back. I want to own my body again.
I want to be in control of the way I look and what I have.

I love cuddling my children, curling up against them and feeling their bodies snuggled against me, their soft breathing in their sleep.

I believe wholeheartedly that spending time away from them allows me to enjoy them more.
Once I have had my time, we are able to fully share our time. I don’t want them to just get off me for 5 minutes, just leave me alone for 5 minutes, just be quiet for 5 minutes.
I have had my 5 minutes (Or an hour and a half!) And I spent it swimming, or running, doing weights.
Things that make me feel better physically, and mentally.
I sleep better. I cook better. I live better.
I love better.

What could motivate me more than that?





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