Hot breakfast before the kids finish their cereal




So what I do so I can have a hot breakfast every morning is:

  • grate up about 1 1/2 zucchini
  • grate about 2 carrots
  • halve approx 15 cherry tomatoes
  • halve then slice approx 6 mushrooms depending on size
  • finely slice 2 – 3 spring onions.

Put it in a container in the fridge. Airtight and all that jazz.
Breakfast time, get a ladle full of the mix and chuck it in the frypan with a little bit  of olive oil. Stir it a couple of times, yell at the kids to hurry up.
Throw in a handful of baby spinach leaves. Stir hot veggies over the top so it wilts.
Tell the kids to sit in their chairs. NOW.Crack eggs in. I only use egg whites because I am on a cutting plan and egg yolks have fat that goes straight to your tummy pocket and bingo wings. I use 4 egg whites for me. 8 for two of us. If you’re using whole egg, only use 2. Throw in some low fat (or full, whatever) cheese.

Stir a bit so it becomes like scrambled eggs of deliciousness.

Also a good idea, add in some smoked salmon, or some finely sliced grilled chicken breast with some avocado.

You’re welcome 😉


One thought on “Hot breakfast before the kids finish their cereal

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