Work Hard. Play Hard. Live Hard.

How corny is that title, right?
But right now it’s how I’ve been trying to living my life like this for a couple of weeks now.

Way back here I first mentioned my fears about running my own business. About the strain on my family. I finally finished the course and then I didn’t hear anything for almost 8 weeks.
I was stuck in limbo.
I didn’t know where I was going with my life, either way.
I couldn’t move anywhere as I didn’t have an answer. I was at the point of not caring what the answer was, just as long as I got one.

I got a part time job, I started the ASN 10 Week Challenge for a better body. I started roller Derby.

And I got approved for my loan.

I haven’t got my loan through yet, but as it was approved, I can finally order stock with the amount of money I have.
I can start planning. Dreaming again. Hoping again.

And it is exhausting.

Today is a rest day. Not because I physically need it, but because I mentally and emotionally need it.
I just need to sit with myself. Make sure my ideas and hopes and dreams all still line up.
Make sure I’m still on the right path for me and my family.
Make sure I’m doing the right thing.

My friends have been amazing. As soon as they knew I was going ahead, they started ordering, supporting. And I love them for that.
I am so grateful ❤

Tomorrow is leg day and I’m back into the normal swing of things. But for today, I am resting. Because it’s what I need to do.


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