I Thought I Had It Sorted

So my loan came through.
I got my card and am able to start ordering.
Stupidly, I figured that because I have written it all down before, I would be able to just up and go.
Start trading like that.
Orders would come, I would make money.

Oh sure, it would be hard, but it would be rewarding.
I’m not quite sure this is the case yet.
I’m still chasing up wholesale accounts, as I couldn’t apply for them without having an approved loan.
I’m finding more stock I would like t have and so am applying for new accounts.

I cut the tips of two of my main typing fingers and I get a stabbing pain every time I press a damn button, meaning I don’t want to do tings like enter stock into the website because it HURTS.

Choosing business cards is so HARD.

I know.
I didn’t expect it to be easy.
I knew I would have to work.
But I figured it would all just fall into place.

It still might. It might get easier.

We’ll see.


One thought on “I Thought I Had It Sorted

  1. Lovely, if that is your only issue at this point things are going VERY well! So congratulations! I guarantee you it will get MUCH harder. But it will still be rewarding if you have a very tight and very well thought out business plan. Small Business rarely gets easier in the first 3-5 years. Hang in there! Business is tough! But it’s wonderful if it’s your thing. 🙂

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