3 Week Results


My sister Heather sent me this last night after reading my blog post about gaining weight.  I took a “before” photo on the 31/1/13.


That was 63kg.


This is last night. 62kg.

The weight does not bother me so much. I am happy with my weight.

I DO want to drop my body fat percentage from 21 to the althetic range of 15 – 20. Ideally I’d like to be at about 18 percent. I feel anything below this will probably be a littleexcessive.

My weigh in today told me that although I have only lost a kg in 3 weeks, I have lost 15.5cm.

Which I am proud of. Very proud of.

That’s over 5cm a week average.

So I feel that my goals of my thighs not touching and being in the athletic body fat weight range is not too far out of reach.


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