One of the big things I have realised on this quest for a better me is that I need to be responsible and accountable for all of my choices.
This is not always easy.
this is not always enjoyable.

For example, last night when I nearly burned the house down because the three-wicked candle had started burning out of control and bubbling on the surface (not just the wicks were burning – the whole thing was) I made the decision to pour water on it.
Bad choice. A little screaming, an almost burned T.V. and a slightly bubbled lowline T.V. unit later, I realised I probably should have kept my calm and thought about what I was doing.
I should also definitely invest in a fire blanket. Which I will be doing tomorrow. See? Already, choices to make my home safer! Anyway…

If I’m not responsible for my choices, then I don’t have control over the situation. If I don’t have control over the situation, it’s not my fault.
Like when there was nowhere healthy to eat the other day so I got pad thai. And paid for it for two days. My fault really.

If I don’t accept this, if I don’t take responsibility for my actions, I will never change.
And if I never change – all this effort is for nought.

Why would I work so hard for nothing?

It flows through into my whole life. Not just my eating and my exercise.
My parenting decisions.
My relationship decisions.
My credit card purchases…

I am happier about my life now I have accepted that I am responsible for it.
Ultimately, if there is not something I don’t like, I have the power to change it.

And that makes my life a very good one indeed.


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