Just a Shitty Day

You know those days.
We all have them.

one of

You get sent home from work after half a shift because it’s dead.
The cat has vomited in the laundry.
It’s raining. Still.
Your son has a monstrous swollen lip/nose that looks like you’ve beaten him.
Your internet isn’t working STILL after 6 days of being told it will be fixed.
You’re tired and you should go to bed but there is cleaning to do and internet to distract you from doing it.
You’re in Vistaprint trying to find the postcard designs that match your business cards and you’re pretty sure the website hates you because no matter where you look, it’s just not there.
You can’t drink – your eating plan doesn’t allow it.
You don’t even like drinking, really.
You can’t find a decent mothertrucking supplier for your store.
You can’t LOAD anything onto your online store, because the internet is down.
You are using all your mobile data to have the internetz at slow speeds.
Your other half is sick and should just go the fuck to sleep but instead he’s plodding around the house like a mopey mope-alot
You just got a tattoo yesterday so you can’t even have a nice soak in the bath.
you’re too lazy too paint your toes/fingernails.

You realise you have enough for FFS Friday with Dear Baby G and it’s only Tuesday.


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