6 Week Progress


These photos are my most recent progress photos. There is only 6 weeks between them. When I look at these photos, it all feels worth it. Sometimes when I’m just looking down at my legs, or my bum, it is hard to see where it is. I take the photos so I have a tangiable thing to turn back to when I feel like giving up.


This is me flexing my back. I do a lot more weights training than I do cardio. That will be changing in the next 4 weeks as I come to the end of my competition (but not the end of my training). I will be increasing my cardio (specifically running) to slim down my legs, in conjunction with two “leg days” a week.

It’s been a little bit difficult lately. The kids have been feral – more so Dexter. I am constantly exhausted. Emotionally drained.
Everyone is saying “just pre-prepare meals” but where they have to do one, I have to do four. Given I don’t have a moment to myself, I’m always either at work, with the kids, at the gym or getting my business up and running, I just don’t have time. I feel like a bit of a failure and as if I’m making excuses, but it’s true.

It is fucking hard.

In 6 weeks, I have lost 2kgs, 24.5cm of girth lost, and have gone from 31.7% body fat down to 25.02% body fat.

It will be a test next week with DPCON on the list. I will be away for the whole Monday to Friday. If you are staying at the Stamford Grand, North Ryde, come visit me in the “State of the art Indoor Fitness Centre.” I will be the one running awkwardly on the treadmill on account of the three hours I spent getting tattooed today.
OR look for the girl with the pink protein shaker wandering around the conference – that’s me, attempting not to eat alllllll the biscuits.

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