Life, Love and Lessons. A DPCON13 Summary

As the whole blogosphere is returning to their homes, families and jobs, my mind is still wandering back to those two days.
I learned a lot, but the most important lessons were ones I didn’t even consider when I booked my ticket.

I met some amazing people, but I feel there are a specific few who need a mention.

My evening started with me, fighting back the tears, standing at the counter of the Stamford North Ryde. A frantic tweet informing people I was about to cry received a reply:

Lisa from Simple Loving Thoughts engulfed me in a hug as my tears started to run.
Jules from The Bumpiest Path and Beck from Crafty PJ Mum saw my distress and offered me the spare bed in their room. And that was that.

During the conference I learned so much about what a person can go through and still survive.
I listened to people recount their tales and realised not only are they living my greatest fears, that I also have a lot of baggage that I have never dealt with.
The ever lovely Miss Cinders from Saturday Morning Ogre Mum comforted me and talked me through an emotional 15 minutes as this hit me. ❤

I had a beautiful talk to Reservoir Dad about the importance of our partners’ contributions to our families, even if they work full time.

And I had two fan girl moments, one when Lori from Random Ramblings of a Stay at Home Mum was chatting to me and said “I love when people are as cool in real-life as they are on Twitter!”

The other was after running past Mrs Woog from Woogsworld and she smiled at me, to which I replied, “I’m going to wet my pants!” as I scurried past.
I then decided I should probably introduce myself properly, as I didn’t feel this was the best first impression I had ever given. As I said “I ran past before and told you I was going to wet my pants…” She looked at me with concern and asked if I needed a toilet.
Wonderful, I thought. Now I have embarrassed myself not only once, but twice by making this poor woman think I have terrible bladder control and the child-like inability to go to the toilet by myself.
I reassured her that no, I was fine; reminded her that is what I said as I scurried past before and told her I felt I should introduce myself properly and she replied “You’re tattoomummy! I know who you are! You’re a hot mama!”
Too which I’m certain I beamed and tried to internalise my little “Squeeeeee!!!!” moment.

I also met my two blogger crushes for the first time, Glowless from Where’s My Glow?  and Zoey from GoodGoogs who are just as charming, funny and lovely in real life as they are online.

It made me realise that although my blog is small, perhaps it is not as small as I thought. And realistically, I don’t mind if it is small. I enjoy my writing and now I am inspired to take it places…

Apparently, I need to go and write some blogging goals.

5 thoughts on “Life, Love and Lessons. A DPCON13 Summary

  1. G’day Tattoo Mummy,

    It was a bizarre, fun, over-indulgent few days that I’ve come back from more sleep deprived than when I left. Wouldn’t have missed it though. Thanks for the chat and hope to catch up again soon.

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