You’re Just Depressed ALL the Time!

You’re just depressed all the time.
They are not  words anyone really wants to hear.

But at the same time, they are very much words I needed to hear.

I know that subconsciously, I have been filling my time and days with everything, not wanting to have time to sit and think.
I can feel the panic bubbling just under the surface.
The indescribable urge to scream sometimes.
The almost-burst-into-tears-at-nothing.
And I don’t know why.

I have blood pressure issues.
To me, the checks at the doctors never give me what I feel is an accurate reading. I can feel myself get anxious as soon as they mention checking it. I can feel myself get hot, my heart races, it thumps.
Even with this, it sits at about 135/85 medicated. Which is close enough to the norm that we are all satisfied.

Today, I went about an unrelated matter.
He said “We’ll just check your blood pressure while you’re here…”
The almost tears. The thumping…
160/90. 120 heart rate.

Like a frightened rabbit.
This says so much more to me about my mental health than my physical health.
I know my blood pressure is better than that.
I know my cardiovascular health is improving.

And so once again, I need to speak.
I need to deal with all the things I’m bottling inside.
Everything I’m scared to talk about.

I didn’t realise that I was hurting my family.
Hurting those I love.
Taking my frustrations out on the children, snapping at them. Getting frustrated at them for being children.

Snapping at tattoodaddy for asking questions that I didn’t feel like answering.

I don’t want to live like this.
I miss me.
I miss being happy.
I miss enjoying life to it’s fullest.
I miss not feeling so fucking scared.

I miss loving myself.


2 thoughts on “You’re Just Depressed ALL the Time!

  1. I could have written this today. Easy to say “love yourself”, but so much harder to do it. So try, ok? And I will when I’ve finished feeling shitty.

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