Weight Loss Quick Fix

There is none.
Sorry to bust your bubble.

It shits me to tears, people looking for a quick fix.
It took you 10 years to get unfit and unhealthy, it’s potentially going to take at least half of that (obviously depending on size and fitness levels) to get to where you want to be.
And then it’s a whole life of unlearning and fighting bad eating habits.
It’s making the best decision available.

It’s not making excuses.
No one pities you for your excuses.
No one is going to feel sorry for you.
And you shouldn’t need anyone to feel sorry for you.
You shouldn’t feel as if you have to make excuses.
You are an amazingly strong person.
You have been given a gift of working arms, legs, heart.
If these parts of you don’t work properly, work the ones that do.

If you need to make excuses, you’re not going to make progress. It’s that simple.

Stop hating yourself.
Nothing good ever came from hate.
Stop punishing yourself for the food you ate.
Reward yourself with achievements you never thought possible.
Celebrate every little moment – made a better choice at lunch? Own it.
It’s YOU. YOU are making changes.
YOU are loving yourself.

You are being everything you deserve to be.

Enjoy your food.
Savor every bite.
Eat slowly – actually taste it.
Buy fresh, reignite your love for cooking.
If you don’t like the way something tastes, find a new way to cook it.
Fuel your body.

Love yourself.
Work hard.
Notice the little changes.
Create a lifestyle you can sustain, not a diet you endure.


5 thoughts on “Weight Loss Quick Fix

  1. Everything you said is spot on. After I lost a lot of weight so many people wanted to know the secret. It’s very boring, and there is no magic overnight fix. Although I did have fun with some of them, answering with things like “lots of sex”, “party drugs”, etc. Maybe not politically correct, but you know what they say about asking a stupid question…

  2. People are honestly disappointed when you tell them it took eating well and not too much plus exercise to lose weight/get fit.

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