I Know it’s FFS Friday

I know it’s kind of cheating, but I’m going to link up with two linkies in one post, orrite?! FFS!

I know that next wednesday is the culmination of the last 10 weeks of working my butt off at the gym – FFS

I know this is a FFS because I’m certain I could have eaten better, trained harder, longer, stronger… FFS

*sidenote: Heaps sounded like a Mills & boon novel

I know whenever my trainer does/said something I take it as a challenge even when it’s not meant to be FFS

Like when he says “Well if you have the self control…” FFS

I will now be minimising carbs until my photoshoot next Wednesday FFS

I know it is my sister’s birthday on Sunday No FFS

I know there will be cake. FFS

I know there are things in life I want more than cake. But… Cake! FFS

I know that although I really only intended this to be a 10 week thing but I definitely have create a lifestyle I enjoy. NO FFS

Dear Baby G



One thought on “I Know it’s FFS Friday

  1. I know I shouldn’t have giggled, but I did. I bow down to you being fit. Ok… there could be a hint of jealousy going on there too! LOL

    I had a whole bunch of FFS by the end of today… I should have possibly edited my TIK post to include them… like BJ8 not making it a whole day at school *sigh*

    MC xxx

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