Where’s The Sugar… Life’s a Bitch and I Need to Make me Some Lemonade.


At least this post led me to some pretty cute party printables: HERE

So I’m feeling a little bitter.
My business, that I’ve poured everything into for the last 6 months

Isn’t going to happen.

It’s not the right climate.
It’s not the right time economically in my town.
People don’t want a store so much as somewhere they can hang out and play for free.

And it pisses me off.
Now, I have stock coming out of my earholes and I have to get rid of it.
I have genuine people who were looking forward to it as a store, that I feel I am letting down.

I feel like I’m letting tattoodaddy down.
I feel like now I’ve placed a massive burden on his shoulders because this hasn’t worked out.

Which I know is stupid because he’s upset for me.
He’s cranky for me.

It is affecting my motivation to reach my goals.
It is affecting my parenting.
It is affecting my life in general.

And I don’t fucking like it.
It is putting me in a “down” mood.
Because I failed at this, what next?
What if I don’t reach those goals?
What if I let others down?
What if I let myself down?

And yeah sure, “Dreams don’t work if you don’t.”
But I did.
So now what.


3 thoughts on “Where’s The Sugar… Life’s a Bitch and I Need to Make me Some Lemonade.

  1. I know it sucks right now, but it will get better.
    If at this very moment it wasn’t meant to be, and there’s a reason. In time everything will sort itself out and an even better opportunity will present itself. I promise! You deserve it.
    You aren’t letting anyone down by trying your hardest, so stop bullying yourself. Just breathe and be happy you tried. Some day you will get all the success you deserve!!

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