Goals – Mine and Yours.


Lately I’ve been a little unmotivated.
A little uninspired.

I’ve been focusing too much on how I feel at the moment – tired, sore, cranky, bitchy. Overwhelmed and frustrated that my plans aren’t… well, going to plan.
None of this has helped my life progress in the last 4 weeks.
Dwelling does no one good.
I made that picture to remind me to push forward constantly.

I have realised I am a very competitive person.
The ASN 10 week challenge really helped me push myself.
It gave me something to work for.
A reason to work.

And now I have to create that reason.
I have to be the motivation.

I’ve been focusing on the goals I have already reached, instead of the new goals.

To be honest, I haven’t physically written down my new goals.
And I read somewhere that goals not written down are just hopes.

So, I should probably do something about that.
Here we go:

  • Drop weight to 60kg to reduce my body fat %. I am aiming at 17% body fat, which is 3% lower than I am now.
  • Once at 60kg – work on building back up muscle wise.
  • Deadlift 80kg.
  • Run 8km.

And some personal goals:

  • Get a job I enjoy that can progress into a career I love.
  • Complete my Cert III in Fitness in 6 months and start my Cert IV
  • Breast augmentation by Christmas

I know I will be able to run 8kms soon. I am giving myself a month to reach this goal. June 1 is a Saturday and that is the day I will do my run. If I don’t complete it beforehand.

What are your goals? I’d love to hear them!

14 thoughts on “Goals – Mine and Yours.

  1. To start! Goal met.
    I had my fitness assessment this afternoon, and start with a personal trainer next week. I’ve picked up c25k again, going for my second sesh tomorrow. I MUST get myself into a state of health where I can be here and active with and for the kids!

      • Essentially it’s a PR business to help small businesses to become successful. I work with a small business association outside of the horrible retail job I have and noticed there was a niche for well written promotional work. I write copy for websites, letters of introduction, advertising copy, grant applications.

        I have another goal but it’s a little less able to be controlled as I am trying to get pregnant so hopefully that happens as well but I can’t really control that.

  2. Get to 50kg toned with as much abs showing that my scarred belly will allow, muscle definition all over and I want to be at a stage where I dont crave shit food and love exercise! And you should totally get your boobies done when I do in september 😉

  3. I have a goal to be fit by 40 not flabby at 40 .. somehow I fell off the wagon in November 2012 and havent yet gotten back on 😦
    I’m 40 in January 2014 …
    I really should do it!
    Goodluck with your goals!

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