What Do I Do in a Day?


*This is not and should not be used as YOUR training plan. This is my training plan and diet, as developed by my personal trainer. I DO NOT recommend you do this without first consulting a reputable trainer. This is merely me sharing what I do, like you asked.*

Please, don’t think I am implying I am excellent. This is what I use to remind myself to keep going, in hopes one day I may be excellent at what I do.

I have a love/hate relationship with lifting weights. I love the way it makes me look. I love the way it makes me feel when I complete a set. I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with lifting a weight that you thought you could not physically lift.
I hate aspects of myself that come out when I’m lifting. I don’t hate the activity, I hate my lack of confidence to be able to complete what I set out to do.
I hate that sometimes, I can’t do it right.
I hate that I can sometimes feel that I’m doing it wrong and that frustrates me. Because I do think excellence is habit.

I did tenpin bowling competitively for 12 years. I have been to development camps and a gym session at the NTIS to show exactly what exercises I should have been doing. I was once 4th in Australia in Junior girls. Then, I could feel what I was doing wrong. I knew my body and the motion so well that I could correct it.

Now this is new and that frustrates me. But excellence is a habit, not an act and I will get there.

A lot of women seem to think that if they pick up weights, they will turn into a she-hulk. But realistically, it is very hard to get to that stage. And it is very unlikely you will ever get there, unless that’s what you want. Lifting weights is the best way to burn fat because the muscles keep going long after you have finished working out as opposed to cardio, which pretty much stops once you’ve stopped (with the exception of certain things). Lifting weights is the easiest way to lose fat – in my opinion.

I never focused on weight loss. I DID focus on body fat %. Which to me is more important. My weight was acceptable – my fat was not.

My average meals for a day are as follows:

Upon waking: 1/2 mandarin or 5 strawberries.Breakfast: Coffee with light milk, 1 sugar, 1/3 – 1/2 cup oats (porridge) with scoop vanilla protein powder.
10am: Either Anabolic Injection (post workout drink) or tin of mango chilli or lime/chilli tuna on 2 rice crackers with baby spinach
1pm (lunch) salad with grilled chicken, avocado, roast beetroot, roast pumpkin, grilled cherry tomatoes OR homemade chicken burger on wholemeal bun w/ grilled chicken.
4pm Protein shake or tin of mango chilli or lime/chilli tuna on 2 rice crackers with baby spinach
7pm (dinner) basically any lean meat, cooked (grilled or (baked). Sometimes it’s fish with lemongrass, lime and ginger. Sometimes it’s cajun chicken. Sometimes it’s San Choi Bao. Dinner is pretty much whatever I feel like as long as the carbs are brown and the veggies are plentiful.

My workouts:

Monday: Leg Day
Gym, 5min warmup @6km p/h 5% incline
3 x 10 20kg squats
3 x 10 15 kg squats
3 x 10 12.5kg squats

3 x 10 40 kg seated squat machine

3 x 10 40lb leg extension supersetted with
3 x 10 65lb hamstring curls

Ab blast – 2 x 15 sit ups, 2 x 10 each side side sit ups. 1 minute bridge, stepping feet for lower obliques
20 pushups

Tuesday: Rest day.
Abs – 2 x 15 sit ups, 2 x 10 each side side sit ups

Wednesday:  Chest

5 min warmup @ 6km p/h 5% incline
3 x 10 20kg bench press
3 x 10 5kg incline flys
3 x 10 horizontal (laying on a bench) flys
3 x 10 wide pushups supersetted with 10 diamond pushups
3 x 10 40lb chest press
3 x 10 (? weight – forgot to check) peck deck.


5 min warmup @6km p/h 5% incline
15 min HIIT up to 12km p/h 2% incline

2 x 10 1 x 7 – 40kg deadlifts.
3 x 12 27kg lat pulls
3 x 12 (? Weight) rear delt flys

Friday –
Nothing. Which isn’t normal, I was aiming to go for a 3km run but it was a release day for my shop so we had customers turning up all day!


5 min warm up 6km p/h/ @ 5% incline
20 min HIIT 2 min on 1 off @ 2% incline 11.3km p/h

3 x 10 30kg squat machine
3 x 10 40kg squat machine
3 x 10 65lb double pump hamstring curls supersetted with
3 x 10 40lb? double pump leg extensions.
10 min bike ride cool down

Sunday: Biceps and Triceps

Warm up: 5 mins @ 5% incline 6km p/h
3 x 10 7kg bicep curls
3 x 10 5kg banana curls
3 x 10 27kg tricep extensions supersetted with
3 x 10 sets pushups
3 x 10 6kg kickbacks
3 x 10 5kg overhead tricep extension things
3 x ( 4 x 10) 10kg bicep curls with bar. 10 at 5% lift, 10 @ 25 % 10 @ 50% 10 @ 100% lift.
2 x 15 situps with 10 side situps each side (70 total)

3 x 10 15kg squats
Warm down walk 5 min @ 5% incline, 5.5kmb p/h

It looks like a lot.
And it probably is. But it doesn’t feel like a lot. I don’t spend more than 1 – 1 1/2 hours at the gym on any given day. It gets easy once you start.
I treat it as an escape and I’m in love.


2 thoughts on “What Do I Do in a Day?

  1. Ide probably die if I did all that but josh would probably trip over trying to put a ring on my finger lol your a machine! Dont give up I have every faith in you! Xx

  2. WHOA!! thats some workout– and Im just talking about the food!! Crazy healthy, I wish I had the control to eat like that every day.. its sounds so yummy!!! 🙂

    Tuna is my protein snack 🙂 (but then I add mayo :/)

    What a workout!!

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