Mum, I’m Sorry For All The Pot Pouri.


Don’t get me wrong.
It’s not like I’m not going to appreciate the box and card I am going to get off Dex and Lola. (And I know I’m getting a box and a card – he told me).
It’s more…

When I was little, I was convinced Mums were the luckiest people ever!
I mean, they got their own day!
AND a birthday!!

I know dads had Father’s Day, but it wasn’t really that special in my eyes.
We were told to leave him alone and let him sleep – like we always were. And then he got up late and went fishing because he deserved some “me” time – like he always did.

But Mother’s days – WOW!
She was so lucky.
We would make her breakfast in bed – which was always toast that went cold so the butter was thick and white.
Of course
it had gone cold because we would argue about who got to butter it – loudly.
And then, we would take it in to her, with a half full, half cold cup of tea and dump it on her lap in bed.
Crumbs everywhere.
Tea everywhere.
And she would smile and say thank you.
Tell us how amazingly we’d done.
Now lets quickly go the the kitchen before we wake Daddy up, because he’ll get cranky if there is crumbs in the bed.

We would give her pot pouri. And lavender soap.
How much Pot pouri can one person have?
If you run a Mother’s Day stall at a primary school – do NOT sell it.

Our primary school had donations for the Mother’s Day stall.
I’m pretty certain I bought Mum the same vase 3 years in a row.

And now, I’m the one getting the early wake up because it’s Mother’s day.And the painted box.
And the card with glitter falling all through my bed as it’s eagerly thrust into my half asleep face.
Not that I’m complaining – it will be beautiful.
But I said to tattoodaddy this morning –

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday.
Which received a:Yeah?
Me: Well, I want a sleep in…

And he replied – I’m, not the one you have to convince.

And sadly, I think he’s right.


4 thoughts on “Mum, I’m Sorry For All The Pot Pouri.

    • Delish.
      I asked Dex if he was making me breakfast in bed and he said “I’ll try, I’m not allowed to do cooking”

      I have a feeling I’m going to get weetbix

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